The Tears I Want No More

The Oxford English dictionary puts it this way; A drop or clear, salty liquid produced from the eyes by crying or irritation.

well i get to say that tears are just more tham that

They dont come very often

but when they do,

they inflict pain on the individual involved

they could come as a result of heart break

failure to get something despite the attempted number of times tried

the death of a loved one






and many more emotions…

But you see despite all of these we have to be tough and strong enough to not let the tears out if we dont want them out, and keep our emotions in check, no matter how sad, how depressing. You know it is ok to cry or shed tears but what is most important is that we remain tough and strong.


Here’s a poem to all my followers i’m saying thank you and the weather’s got your back, weather it is raining, the sun is shinning or it is snowing, the weather’s got your back.

weather the weather be fine

or weather the weather be not

weather the weather be cold

or weather the weather be not

we would weather the weather

whatever the weather

weather we like it or not

“Doing something i really want to do”

Something like choosing a career, something to study in the university decisions like those are not quite difficult especially for me as an individual. yeah yeah i know that talk about what you study is not what you you really get to do. for me as a person i am quite confused yes i am good with using my hand,i am good at organising things, i am also fluent i like English and all that stuff but i’m still conflicted. most at times when people ask me questions like what do you want to study; i just reply them with anything something that pops up in my head lets say mass communication; they just shake their head and be like i dont pin you as the mass comm person you seem more like the human resource person, in situations like this i’m left thinking what the?? but i’m gonna take my time and make sure i don’t up choosing something i dont have interest for

My Spare Time?

This question is very relevant today, it is not what you can do but how much you can achieve with the little time you have, which is what some people call their spare time.

when i got spare time?

That’s the time i want to do something , my hands become itchy. There is something that can be done, if i go through my to do list and everything is done i wouldn’t just sit and look or force myself to sleep? No instead i found something of interest which is CROCHETING.

Oh how i love to crochet, its like i’m in a whole new world when i’m crocheting. I could crochet for hours if duty doesn’t call. It gives me some kind of joy and happiness within to know that i’m creating something, to know that i’m doing something productive with my time and not wasting it (my time) on some godless chatter. Yeah so instead of snoring away the hours and days i employ you to be productive.

I dont have close friends today because i’m always indoors seeking for something to do, mind you i have friends yeah but not close friends.

So i want to employ someone out there, it’s never too late to start something new and when you do you would be amazed at how productive you can be in a short time.

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Do something special for your mom this mother’s day.The thing is without your mom you wouldn’t be where you are today, your mom is a gift that you should cherish.

Tag a mother this Mothers day telling her all the wonderful things she has done and is still doing.

She carried you for nine monthes

She delievered in pain and still loved you

She carried you in her arms

She read to you bedtime stories

She listened to all your complains, and smiled when you were happy

She scolded you for being naughty

She took you side when dad was upset with you

She prepared delicious meals for you

She went shopping for you

I cant name it all but you can!!

Roses are red

violet are blue

i love you so much mom


People often say the best way to forget something is the let it out. So this is just a brief of my story that seem more like a burden to me and i wanna let it out.

I’m BOLARINWA SHARON By name  I live in a large house which is not my biological home but now is, i have been there for close to ten years now and i love it there. Biologically there are 5 children my mom gave birth to,4 boys and I’m the only girl. Right now with me I have just two of those boys living in the same house with me the other two somewhere with their relatives.

My mom past on sometime late last year and that was when for the first time in forever i saw my dad and some other people that i dont know, my dad according to what he told me he said they were divorced and have been since ten years ago. And my mum according to what she told she didn’t tell me anything about being divorced maybe because i didn’t ask but anyways she told me that years ago while i was much younger “when she was in the hospital ready to conceive the twins which are the ones with me right now that her husband was nowhere to be found and the doctor’s wouldn’t conceive them for her until there was physical cash in hand she waited there until she almost died not until her mom brought some cash. And she couldn’t conceive normally so she had to deliver the babies through operation”

So please tell me audience what do you think. And by the way that’s my story i have more for you.

Walking through the busy street of Lagos (Nigeria)

I have always known Lagos to be a very busy city, people often say it but i never believed them not until i witnessed it myself.‚Äč

My exams are drawing near that is my GCE exams and my mom told me i had to go check up on my center which was at GRA in Ikeja, I’m usually in the house so it felt new for me to go somewhere foreign to me. Anyways i went and guess what it rained that day making the place look dirty. I was accompanied by a friend whose concern was also to find out about her center.

I had to ask people for directions and funny enough they gave me answers politely, i even heard funny things like buy you pink lips ladies.

If your not sure of the direction your going i think it will be polite if we ask for directions.

How to invest in yourself

The basic idea is that the product of any given individual who practice what he or she has talent for and enjoys doing it can be monetized, given that the individual is given time and resources to develop. You can develop your skills by first of all reaching to others around you, it’s easy if your a student you can post articles on you school bill board for others to read or better still create a group among your pairs i tell you if you continue this before long you will be happy with yourself.

If your dream is to become a presenter great, all you need do is browse and check up on people who were great presenters and look forward to doing even better but you have to be courageous and outstanding in your own way.

Go for what you believe

Don’t allow the situations of life weight you down,the lot of people who dont believe in you, those people that talk you down, my dear they dont count. Nothing but what you say or think counts. so yeah wake up, get dressed, square your shoulders, chin up, chest out and walk and act like you have it all under control because you do.

You might be having a tough time at work, you might be finding it difficult to keep up with alot of things, your boss might even be putting too much pressure on you but you tell yourself ” i am tougher” and you keep pressing.